Attitude is Everything’ is designed for middle school students. It is a program intended to be targeted at ALL of the students in one of the middle school year levels - Year 7, 8 or 9.

Helping these students develop the right attitude is beneficial for their success at school, at home and in the workplace because their attitude is of VITAL importance to their success.

This ready-to-use workbook written by Bruce Sullivan and Steve Francis is a stand-alone program that can either be used by the form teacher for one lesson per week for one term or as a component of a school camp program.

The effectiveness of the program is enhanced by the following features-

  1. the workbook has been designed to stand-alone . The activities and discussions can be facilitated by the class teacher with almost no preparation time

  2. the program does NOT rely on a separate teacher’s manual

  3. a full colour A2 poster reinforcing the key message of each lesson is also available. The posters not only provides a helpful reminder to the students but also establish a common language across the year level in a clear and memorable format

  4. video clips providing further explanation of each lesson are provided as an optional extra. They are NOT essential to the program. However the videos can be used in class or for students to view at home as an enhancement to the program. QR codes allow the short video clips to be viewed quickly and easily on a smart phone. This has the additional benefit of easily linking the key messages of the lessons with the home.

Rippa Attitude - for teenage students - help them to have a Rippa Attitude.

What are QR codes?

QR codes (Quick Response) operate similar to a bar code.  After downloading a FREE QR reader application onto a smart phone, you can scan the QR code and be taken straight to that web site on your internet enabled mobile phone. In this case you will be taken to view the YouTube video on the mobile phone.                      

Please be aware that this uses data download to watch the video.

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