Our attitude is a result of the choices we make...

Each choice is highlighted on a poster. Displaying the posters reminds students of the choices they make and helps to establish common language across the school. A class set of 8 x A2 posters is only $59.95.

Click on any of the videos  videos covering each area. Click on any of the posters below to view the optional video.

Rippa Attitude - Less taking away more adding to
Rippa Attitude - attitude is everything
Rippa Attitude - less cynical...more optimistic
Rippa Attitude - less procrastination...more action
Rippa Attitude - less whinging...more problem solving
Rippa Attitiude - less avoidance...more honesty
Rippa Attitiude - less instant gratifictation...more persistence
Rippa Attitude - less nice ideas...more goals
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