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Attitude is Everything - School Program View ALL videos

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rippaAttitude - Energy of a four year old

Author Bruce Sullivan outlines the importance of attitude and illustrates it with a story inspired by the energy of all four year olds

rippaAttitude - You Choose Your Attitude

According to program author Steve Francis the most important decision you make every day is the attitude you will display.

rippaAttitude  - Less taking away

In relationships we are either adding to the relationship OR taking away from it, there is no neutral. Watch the video to find out more!

rippaAttitude - Less cynical

Being less cynical and more optimistic is one of the keys to a happy life. Looking for the positive in a situation helps us to take advantage of opportunities that are presented.

Listen to Bruce Sullivan’s story about being optimistic.

rippaAttitude - Less whinging

If we did less whinging and more problem solving we would not only be happier but we would also be more successful and get more done!

rippaAttitude - Less procrastination

There are many reasons why we procrastinate. Overcoming our own reasons can help us be much more productive. Watch the video to find out more!

rippaAttitude  - Less Avoidance

Sometimes we tell people what we thing they want to hear instead of telling them honestly how we feel. By being more open and honest we can connect more because we are being REAL!

rippaAttitude - Less Nice ideas

Many people are day-dreamers who have lots of ‘nice ideas’ -  the difference between ‘nice ideas’ and ‘goals’ is our level of commitment. Watch the video to learn more!

rippaAttitude  - Less Instant gratification

Many people want everything immediately and they are not willing to wait. They want things to be easy and don’t want to have to work too hard. If they don’t get instant gratification they give up! Through more persistence we can achieve more!

rippaAttitude  - Less Serious

Having a little fun and NOT taking everything (including ourselves) too seriously are also important in having a positive attitude.

rippaAttitude  - Less Food

This video emphasises the importance of eating appropriately and getting some physical activity. Less food...more movement helps a rippa attitude, particularly when you are under stress!

rippaAttitude  - Less Artificial light

Getting enough sleep is vital to having the right attitude.

Attitude is Everything - Program Overview for School Staff

In this video the authors give an outline of how the program operates and why attitude is so important

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