Engage Year 7, 8 or 9 students and develop the right attitude!

Attitude is VITAL to success. It impacts on everything we do!

When we face challenges and things get tough, it is our attitude that affects the ultimate outcome.

Our attitude impacts on our resilience, our friendships and ultimately on what we achieve.

This program is designed to help middle school students develop a Rippa! Attitude. Through activities and self-reflection students develop a more affective attitude.

A Rippa! Attitude helps to build positive relationships and establishes a productive mind-set that helps them to achieve their potential. Students with a rippa attitude are confident, optimistic and persistent. They are problem solvers who do more and whinge less…exactly the attitude we want students in the middle years to develop.

‘Attitude is Everything’ is a program designed especially to help Year 7, 8 or 9 students develop the right attitude. It is intended to be targeted at ALL students in ONE particular year level.

This ready-to-use workbook written by Bruce Sullivan and Steve Francis is a stand-alone program that can either be used by the form teacher for one lesson per week for one whole term or as a core  component of a school camp.

Each session in the program presents a dichotomy that encourages the student to do less of the behaviours that aren't helping them and more of the behaviours that will help them.

Each section of the program includes optional video clips that can be accessed through this website, YouTube or through the QR codes. The video clips are not essential and do NOT have to be watched.

The following features increase the effectiveness of the program-

  1. workbook designed to be stand-alone - does NOT rely on reading a teacher’s manual

  2. almost no preparation time

  3. posters reinforce the message, remind students to establish common language across the year level

  4. video clips provided as an optional extra for class use or for students to view at home

  5. clear, memorable messages

To find out more watch this short introduction from the authors -

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